J.W. Cox - Owner

Joseph Cox is an award winning writer and director, he founded Average Joe Films while in college, and is continuing to work hard for clients every day! If we have a project, Joe is there, on site, working right alongside the crew. In his free time he hangs out with his wife Caroline, his daughter Naomi, and his dog Tokk and plays a lot of guitar.

Haydn Wolfie Koeller - Editor

Wolfie is a top tier editor, crafting each and every one of our projects with style, speed and precision. With a degree under his belt from Cincinnati State, Wolfie is taking the post production world by storm. Wolfie spends his spare time gaming, and creating GIF’s out of bloopers from our films.

Matt Kennedy- Cinematographer

Matt is a talented young Cinematographer who specializes in music videos and weddings. In his spare time he likes to groom his beard, and wear glasses.

August Schweitzer- Cinematographer

August is a bright young star in the making when it comes to Cinematography. He spends most of his spare time working on personal film projects and eating his vegetables.

Christopher May- Videographer

Chris is a down to earth, and calculated filmmaker, who takes the time and effort to really focus on his craft. He has a passion for comic book heroes, and loves spending time with his family, especially his two beautiful children.

Gavin Lloyd- Videographer

Gavin is a student at Cincinnati State, but more importantly he is an up and comer in the world of filmmaking. This young man is more than serious, but he's oozing with talent. Gavin spends his spare time hanging with family and friends and watching every Halloween movie he can find.

Michelle Hoehn- Videographer

Michelle is a beacon of professionalism and efficiency on any production, she captures incredible and unique images and knows how to get the job done! She loves spending her free time with her husband Jonathan and their son Nakota.

Isaiah Highley- Production Assistant

Isaiah may be a high school student, but hard worker on any project he participates in, you will never see him slack off on the job! He spends his spare time playing guitar, and playing baseball.